I would like to introduce you to my friend Joe, who I have had the pleasure of working with at CapitalPlus, a company specializing in helping small and growing companies with their financial needs. Joe just started his own electrical contracting business, after working for a large company for 15 years, and has his eye on the future and growing his business.

He had been finding, that because his focus was on other aspects of the business, that he was not up to date with his QuickBooks entries and had not reconciled his bank statements for months. He also had learned the hard way that he needed to find out more about potential clients to ensure he would get paid for the work he was doing. Given these concerns, he turned to CapitalPlus Financial to help him with his bookkeeping, lien compliance, and credit services so he could focus on his business.

His Success
After working with CapitalPlus Financial for six months and having access to accurate and up-to-date reporting he has been able to adjust his pricing to ensure he is making money. This has allowed him to:

  • Increase his profits.
  • Win more contracts.
  • Compete for larger jobs.

His business has grown so much that he then needed the help of CapitalPlus Equity to increase his working capital to cover his increased payroll and supply expenses. CapitalPlus Equity has been able to get him funds for his invoices immediately through our construction factoring services. Factoring is easy, once you have completed the quick application process, all you have to do is submit a copy of your unpaid invoice to the factoring company, and they will advance you up to 80% of the funds immediately, while they wait to get paid by your client. Once they get payment from your client, they submit the balance of the invoice, minus their fee, to you.

Are you like Joe?
If you are like Joe and you want to grow your business, then CapitalPlus is the perfect addition to your team. We provide affordable outsourced financial services including bookkeeping and financing through two ventures, CapitalPlus Financial and CapitalPlus Equity.